May : A Monthly Meal Plan


How did we get to May so quickly?

I sat down a few days ago with tea and my diary and jotted down May’s meal plan. It took me under half-an-hour and now I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner? for the next thirty-one days. Satisfying!

Granted, once you’ve done one monthly plan it’s definitely easier to do the next. I cut and pasted a few days-in-a-row from April and made a few amendments considering Che has drama on a Tuesday afternoon, we’ve got swimming on Wednesdays (which ends May 30) and Poet spends an hour dancing ballet on Thursdays (we don’t get home till 5:30pm so it’s definitely an easy dinner night).

A few of you have been asking about ideas for school lunches and this, here, is my easy-peasy go-to : mini quiches + vegie sticks. If you want to follow a recipe head over here otherwise I simply fry up some diced bacon, add grated zucchini or diced capsicum and cook until the bacon is nice and crisp. I then whip up about 6-8 eggs, add a little milk, add a bit of salt and pepper, add the bacon + vegies and voila – quiche filling. I line muffin trays with puff pastry, fill the pastry with the quiche mix and add a cherry tomato + grated cheese on top. Bake for about 35 minutes at 180degrees and then guard them with your life to ensure they last the school week.

As you can see, I make regular muffin size quiches + mini, literally-bite-sized quiches. I store them in glass containers (I bought this set late last year and it’s in constant use – highly recommend!). These will do for school lunches from Mon-Thu as on Fridays I usually treat the kids to a lunch order. For those interested, I use lunchbots lunch containers and swear by them…we’ve been using our current set for three years now. I pack one quad and one uno for each child and I send them in a Lunchbots Insulated Bag (I put an ice brick in the bottom and the two lunchboxes in the top compartment).

So what are we eating in May? A lot of favourites and lots of red meat, vegies and garlic-infused meals because my iron and immunity is struggling (I find out next week if I’m getting an iron infusion):

Mon 1st : Chicken Noodle Soup

Tue 2nd : Tuna Pasta (another great option for school lunch as it works just as well as a salad)

Wed 3rd : Lamb Cutlets + Mash + Greens

Thu 4th : Chicken Curry

Fri 5th : Pizza + Salad

Sat 6th : Potato Bake + Greens + Sourdough

Sun 7th : Chilli Con Carne

Mon 8th : Fried Rice + Steamed Greens

Tue 9th : Broth + Noodles + Vegies

Wed 10th : Spaghetti Bol

Thu 11th : Steak + Vegies

Fri 12th : Pizza + Salad

Sat 13th : Roast Chicken

Sun 14th : Chicken Pie

Mon 15th : Tuna Pasta

Tue 16th : Broth + Noodles + Vegies

Wed 17th : Vegetarian Nachos

Thu 18th : Burgers

Fri 19th : Potato Bake + Lamb Chops + Salad

Sat 20th : Roast Beef + Apple Pie

Sun 21st : Shepherds Pie

Mon 22nd : Spaghetti Bol

Tue 23rd : Broth + Noodles + Vegies

Wed 24th : Pumpkin Soup + Cheese Toasties

Thu 25th : Chicken Curry

Fri 26th : Quiche + Salad

Sat 27th : Roast Lamb

Sun 28th : Lancashire Pie

Mon 29th : Lasagna

Tue 30th : Broth + Noodles + Vegies

Wed 31st : Tuna Pasta

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  • Sarah

    I’ve only recently started doing weekly meal plans and they are so good! It’s lovely to not be trying to plan dinner before I’ve even had breakfast 😊 I find it easier to eat a balance of different meals too as I can see the whole week at a glance. I love your monthly meal plans! Maybe I should try one?

  • Kate

    Perfect timing. I just did my monthly plan and was going to ask you what you were eating this month.
    Mine feels a bit repetitive but hey I know they will eat it and for me that trumps everything else.

    • Jodi

      So true…as long as it’s eaten (and mostly enjoyed) it’s all good! x

  • Kelly

    Love this post series. I made a roast chicken yesterday and then have made crockpot stock today ready for our chicken pies tomorrow! We tried the pies from your recipe link a few weeks ago and they were divine. Hubby loved the change from the usual monotony of our meals so it’ll definitely be something we carry on through the cooler weather. Thanks for the inspiration xx

    • Jodi

      Pleasure! I think we can all get stuck in a dinner rut but writing it all out a month in advance definitely makes you get a little inventive x

  • Zena

    When I was a stay at home mum I had the time to think about what I was going to ‘create’ every day but now as a part-time librarian I really need to plan quick meals for the week. Love how you use left overs too. Not so good about feeling run down with your health. I am very curious to know more about an iron transfusion. I have an auto immune disease, endometriosis and naturally low in iron. Perhaps I could suggest this to my practitioner.

    • Jodi

      It’s an iron infusion (not a blood product but a concentrated iron supplement via IV) – I’ll let you know how I go x

  • Of Ashes & Bones

    This is amazing Jodie. I want to try the tuna pasta!

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