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It’s just turned cold here; time to reach for extra layers that will, no doubt, be stripped off come lunchtime.

If you’re a longtime reader you already know how much I adore Nature Baby, the organic clothing company for babies and young children. I’ve been buying their beautiful essentials since 2007 and continue to dress Percy and Marigold in them. Every season, Nature Baby’s tops, pants and cardigans make up the majority of the children’s wardrobes and when outgrown they are handed down to the next little one in line.

This week is Fashion Revolution Week and it marks five years since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. I’ve always known that Nature Baby always uses organic cotton but I wanted to know a bit more about where their clothes are made and who makes them.

Nature Baby’s organic cotton is made in certified organic factories in India. It’s grown by farmers who saw the damage being done by their land and community by conventional cotton farming methods, so they chose to return to traditional methods of organic farming. Producing organic cotton clothing consumes far less water and ensures no nasty pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GMO seeds are used.

“The organic certification we have (GOTS) has high ethical and social standards, ensuring all our workers are treated fairly, and we support them, their families and their development. They have become self-sufficient in food, energy and education, and are paid above average wage, with equality between male and female workers. Absolutely no child labour is permitted. This gives us the assurance that what we are making looks after all those involved in the process of the garment from seed, to cloth, to stitch, to baby.”




Percy wears everyday tee in speckle, denim dreamer pants and billy jumper

This season, Nature Baby’s collection is beautifully soft and warm and the knitwear has a very subtle scent of lanolin. While autumn is definitely arriving late, the merino essential tee will be a staple throughout the season as it’s fine, soft, incredibly warm and therefore very practical. Coupled with a singlet and knit, it’s about all we’ll need when the cold really hits.

I’d love you to enjoy a bit Nature Baby this season. They’re kindly giving away a $100 gift voucher on instagram…head over to enter on my feed.

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