Nature Baby for a cosy winter wardrobe

Last week I sorted out the children’s wardrobes in preparation for the quick shift into autumn. We’re in Melbourne at the moment and the past few days have been cold; layers are essential!

Percy is now wearing Poet’s outgrown singlets and long-sleeve tees whilst Marigold is quickly growing into Percy’s. And herein lies the beauty of Nature Baby garments; they withstand wear and tear and washing and sun drying so well that you can easily pass them down from one child to the next…to the next.

I recently opened a few new pieces from their AW collection and, as always, I was enamoured with the quality and attention to detail. The design is simple and timeless, the fabric organic and soft and the colours inspired by nature’s hues, always. Most of the styles are also unisex which makes handing down to younger siblings, cousins and friends easier.

cotton rib long PJ set / dreamlands toddler suit / baby sea stripe leggings / billy jumper

Because we have to keep our wardrobes to a minimum as we travel, quality basics are essential. As well as practical warm outer layers like the sweatshirt hoodie and billy jumper, I invested in a few singlets for Percy as well as long sleeve bodysuits for Marigold (the new chestnut stripe is so lovely!) which she’ll wear from now till spring.

Of course, the Cameron Dress is light enough to be worn in the trans-seasonal months and can easily become a winter staple with leggings, boots and a cardigan…it’s just as lovely in real life as it is in photos.

I photographed this beautiful collected during our stay at Cape Cabin. Make sure you pop over the my instagram feed this week for a rather fabulous giveaway.

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