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Percy wears Splash Top, Splash Shorts + Hooded Towel

I’ve had to be really selective with the children’s clothes as we travel and to be honest with you, I’m still figuring out what constitutes a practical all-weather wardrobe.

Considering I’ve had to pack for all seasons – and we’ve literally experienced cold, wet, dust, hail, torrential rain, wind, sun and scorching heat – I’m pleased with how little we manage to carry with us.

Nature Baby recently sent me a few pieces of their new season swimwear which has, without a doubt, changed our entire beach experience.

You see, taking four kids to the beach can sometimes be hard work. There’s sand and itchy legs, suncream stinging eyes and fights over goggles and toy boats and bodyboards. If I’ve learnt anything about parenting at the beach it’s that it’s best to leave the kids to it; no point interfering in what can usually be worked out with a bit of a splash and some sand castle building.

We’ve whittled down out beach essentials, too and because we’re usually walking distance to the ocean, we simply throw a few towels over our shoulders and hightail it to the water. But for the little ones, towels on shoulders just don’t cut it, which is exactly why Nature Baby’s hooded towels – made from the softest organic cotton – are my new favourite thing. They have literally saved my sanity!

Honestly, where have they been all my parenting life?

Percy is my most sensitive one and when salt water and wind and sand combine, he craves the comfort of a warm and soft towel. If he can swim and play at the beach and know that there’s the comfort of a towel to hide in when he’s had enough, it makes the whole experience much more pleasant for all of us.

As for sun protection, I’m a stickler for sleeves and suncream. Nature Baby’s swimwear is UPF 40+ and stands up really well to chlorine and salt water, suncream and sand. They’ve just released their new fish collection; a sweet unisex print that is cute and quirky.

If you’re thinking that your children need some practical swimwear for Christmas, I highly recommend Nature Baby’s swimwear collection that I’ve tried and tested over the past few months.

And yes, the hooded towels will change your life. As far as I’m concerned they are a beach necessity.

Nature Baby are kindly offering 20% off swimwear with the code SIMPLICITY20 – valid till December 14th.

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