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At the very top of my wardrobe is a storage box full of newborn clothes in shades of white and cream and grey. There’s stripes and spots and pointelle; tiny pieces of clothing to keep the smallest of treasures warm and snug, tiny pieces of clothing imbued with my most precious mothering memories.

In a few months time I’ll unpack that box, carefully sort the leggings from the bodysuits and wash it all in eucalyptus. And then I’ll peg it on the washing line and stand back to marvel at one of my very favourite sights; newborn clothes drying in the sun…waiting, just like me.

Preparing for a new baby is peppered with rituals, and sorting, washing and folding hand-me-downs is one of my very favourites. Over the past ten years I have added a few items from Nature Baby to my preparing-for-newborn collection. Indeed, dressing my babies in Nature Baby has become tradition.



107A2622-1The New Zealand brand has and always will be my favourite. Despite the onslaught of baby paraphernalia that bombards us on social media, Nature Baby has stayed true to its values and never sacrifices quality. Each collection is inspired by Mother Nature, mothers, fathers and their babies; comfortable clothes made from organic cotton and wool that are classic and beautiful.

As well as being wonderfully timeless, Nature Baby’s clothes are practical. This is absolutely essential when you’re figuring out how on earth you’re going to get teeny tiny clothes on a squirming, fragile newborn. And booties and bonnets that stay put? Priceless!

I recently received a brown paper package from Nature Baby which included a few of their new season designs for my new baby. Opening a package from NB is such a sensory experience; the clothes are soft to touch and sweet to smell – pure, natural clothing for delicate newborns.


If you’re currently shopping for a newborn and wondering what will work best for those first few months, I highly recommend (in a tried and tested kind of way) the following:

Kimono Bodysuit : this kimono-style all-in-one is my very favourite thing to dress my brand new baby in. A simple button-closure keeps the suit in place and there’s no need to slip anything over baby’s head. As a bonus it features a snap-closure under the bottom so baby’s lower back stays covered and warm. It’s particularly helpful during those days when you’re bleary eyed and fumbling.

Pointelle Singlet : featuring the perfect envelope neck for easy dressing and the softest, most delicate cotton you could ever swathe your babe in, I always have three of these singlets on hand in a newborn size. Also available in organic natural and print cotton. 

Cotton Drawstring Booties : believe me when I tell you that these are the only booties that stay on! And besides the fabulous practicality of said stay-on booties, they’re also incredibly cute and very easy to wash. In winter I pop them over a pair of regular socks and in spring and summer I put them on as is. If you want something a little cosier, they do come in merino wool and I also love the Lambskin Booties which are warm as toast (these are great for toddlers, too).

Cotton Knotted Beanie : a cotton beanie (or bonnet) is essential for preventing heat loss in new babies and this is my favourite design. It’s incredibly soft and sits gently (yet snugly) around baby’s head to prevent it falling down (or off!).

Cotton Sleeping Gownmiddle-of-the-night nappy changes can be challenging but this sleeping bag makes night time changes a breeze.

Bodysuits + Footed Rompers : new babies spend so much time sleeping and unfurling that dressing them in anything other than snuggly PJ-type clothing seems ridiculous. The fourth trimester is all about comfort and a few bodysuits and footed rompers make for perfect day clothes. Easy to dress, easy to wash and very easy for your little one to wear.

A word on sizing: I find that NB sizes are a little more generous than standard. In my experience, newborns fit the newborn size for a good two months and then move into the 0-3month size.

If you would like more information on baby essentials, I recommend a read of NB’s What Will My Baby Need? 

This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that so generously (and continuously!) support me.


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  • Lissy

    I’ve never discovered this brand before – the clothes look so cute in design and comfortable too! I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and wondering what to pick up for our little one – it’s our first baby and I am worried that newborn won’t fit our baby. First time mum uncertainties of what to buy.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Jodi

      It’s rare for a newborn not to fit a newborn size…and NB sizes are quite generous. I always recommend buying at least three bodysuits/kimonos in a newborn size x

  • Emma

    Hey Jodi

    Love the brand. Although have never brought their sleep wear.

    Can you tell me about the sleeping gown? Is it pulled closed with the tie at the bottom so once pulled their toes cant wriggle out at all?

    What weight is the cotton ones? What sort of layers are you putting underneath and over the top (if any i.e blankets)

    How is the sizing on them?

    Many thanks

    • Jodi

      The sleeping gown is very long so baby can lift its knees up etc but its feet don’t come anywhere near the bottom. I find it makes for very easy night nappy changes but if it is a particularly cool night I’ll add pants + socks, too. The cotton ones are a little heavier than the cotton clothign but definitely not “sleeping bag” weight. I find NB sizing to be a little on the big size….but just a little. Hope this helps! x

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