oh dear!

Two-year-olds are interesting characters, aren’t they? A bundle of cute one moment and a raging tyrant the next. Percy has been my toughest toddler to date; he’s a stubborn screamer who will not give up until he’s got what he wants. It can be challenging (read: loud) at times, but I’m learning to breathe through it and know that this too shall pass (I really hope it passes!).

For the past few days his favourite thing to say is: “Oh dear!” – when he drops a toy on the ground, when he uses a different coloured crayon to what he intended, when I bump into something (I’m still not used to this belly of mine).

This morning I woke up with the classic symptoms that come as a result of hyper-mobile hips and four pregnancies – pubic symphysis. So, I may only be 18 weeks pregnant but I’m waddling like a full term mama. Oh dear indeed! It doesn’t concern me though, I just have to be really disciplined with what I wear (a belly support band is essential – I highly recommend this one and this singlet if you’re after support wear*). Furthermore, I’m increasingly mindful of how I move my body – there’s no pushing heavy shopping trolleys, when I practise yoga I can’t take my legs wider than my hips and I have to be very careful when lifting heavy things (eg: Percy).

I can’t quite believe I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy and while there has been challenging exhaustion I feel like I’m in the midst of the energy-rich second trimester. Goodness me it’s a good place to be. And because I know exactly what life with a newborn is like and I have a little bit of an idea of the all-consuming nature of being mum to four children, I’m really conscious of getting things done now…and not waiting till the last trimester.

Daniel has been away all week but will walk in the door in about an hour which is when I’ll breathe a sigh of relief and promptly head/shuffle to bed with chamomile tea.


*you’ll use these in the weeks after birth, too. They’re a great way to support your core and lower back while your body recovers from birth and regains strength.


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  • Tegan

    oh toddlers! and pregnancy! I suffered debilitating pubis syphmysis with my first pregnancy, it left me barely able to walk at times without crying in pain. I was recommended to take powdered vitamin C twice daily from a midwife, there doesn’t seem to be much documented about this that I could find but it really seemed to help! I started it straight away in my second pregnancy and it didn’t come back, which was amazing as I was obviously preparing for the worst! It might be worth a try xx

  • sara

    I think in France they give you magnesium supplements and swimming is usually very good too. Good luck! My 2nd is Percy’s age (I always thought they looked a tiny little bit alike) and I can’t imagine being pregnant now (well, actually I can, but hum I shouldn’t think about it or else I might really think about it. Hum)

  • CK

    Please take care.
    I have had four children myself, diagnosed with severe pubic symphysis in the last pregnancy. I had it with previous pregnancies, but to lesser extent. In my experience, the emphasis was always on the baby from the obstetrician’s point of view.
    Hope you’re not too uncomfortable.

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