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An admission: I’m so much more relaxed with my diet in this pregnancy that in previous. That’s not to say that I’m eating badly – not at all! But I made a conscious choice to not attribute guilt or anxiety to food as I grow this baby, mainly because the guilt and anxiety does more harm that the chocolate or the hot cross bun or the creamy potato bake.

That said, I’m passionate about eating a plethora of vegetables, proteins and healthy fats and taking daily maternity supplements because they ultimately make me feel better. I was recently sent the second and third trimester Maternity Formula from Mygen Health which provides a range of essential nutrients including folic acid, iron, iodine, CoQ10, calcium and magnesium to keep me vitalised and energised. And for baby? Folic acid, iodine, choline and vitamin D for healthy growth and development.

But what does all that mean and why is it so important during pregnancy?

Keeping the best of health during pregnancy benefits your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. And I speak from experience!¬†Personally, I can feel the toll of four pregnancies and close to six years of breastfeeding. I’m wearier than I used to be and yet my daily workload continues to increase. There’s no time for long afternoon naps and I find that when I am exhausted, it really is a challenge to make it through the evening, especially when I’m presented with a difficult witching hour.

I can feel the difference if I skip a day or two of supplements which tells me two things: I absolutely need them right now and they most definitely work.


Amanda Haberecht, a highly regarded Sydney-based naturopath, created Mygen’s Maternity Formula to offer pregnant women the very best in maternal supplements. I interviewed her about the product and why it has been so well received by her clients.

PS: What are the primary nutrients in the Maternity Formula and how do they work for mum + bub?
Amanda : All the Mygen Health formulas are designed based on the latest evidence-based research and contain a large number of nutrients in good doses. The primary nutrients in Maternity Formula include Folinic acid and other B vitamins, CoQ10, iodine and vitamin D that have all been well researched for their role in early genetic expression. Anti-oxidants such as Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C and CoQ10 are also included as they may offset some of the risks associated with sub-fertility such as thyroid disorders and PCOS. The included nutrients are required for the healthy development and growth of the baby.

PS: What should a pregnant woman consider when she is choosing a vitamin supplement?
Amanda: A pregnant woman should consider a comprehensive formula that contains a combination of nutrients at therapeutic doses when making her choice regarding pre-natal formulas. Research confirms that multi-nutrient formulas are more likely to reduce the risk of less favourable outcomes than standalone folic acid/ iron formulas. The presence of other B group vitamins is also necessary for the availability and absorption of folic acid so women should look out for a supplement that includes other B vitamins alongside folic acid.

PS: What was your intention when creating the Maternity Formula and what has the response been from your clients?
Amanda: I have worked as a naturopath specialising in male and female fertility issues for over 20 years and I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the formulas available on the market. I found that they did not reflect current nutritional research and that many necessary nutrients were omitted from the current available formulas. I felt we needed to do better not only offering a more comprehensive formula but also providing these nutrients in the most available forms and at healthy therapeutic levels. This led to the creation of the Fertility Formulas. The response from clients has been so positive we went on to create Maternity Formula for them to switch to at the beginning of their 2nd trimester.

PS: Do you have a specific supplement for pre-conception and the first trimester?
Amanda: Mygen Health’s Fertility Formula has been designed to address the specific nutritional needs of women pre-conceptually and during the first trimester. Antioxidants and B vitamins including Folinic acid have been deliberately included at therapeutic doses to assist with fertility and to help the exponential growth and development that occurs during the first trimester.

PS: Why is it just as important to continue taking Maternity Formula after baby is born and how does is support the breastfeeding mother?
Amanda: We recommend women continue taking Mygen Health Maternity Formula in the latter half of their pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. Breastfeeding places increased nutritional demands on mums and her milk supply can be affected by her health, nutrition and energy levels and supplementation of appropriate nutrients can support her during this time.

This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that so generously support me. 

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