pregnant in summer

Last night was the hottest night on record since records began. It was 32 degrees at 4am.

Essentially we slept in an oven – hot wind forced uselessly around the room by the ceiling fan.

Percy slept beside me – restless. Poet was on a mattress on the floor – restless. I kept waking up with burning hot feet so would stumble to the bath to run the cold water over my legs. Repeat.

Needless to say, my mood has been fiery today.


I’ve escaped to my mum’s house where air-con has me back to a semi-human state. Mum even took the kids to the shops for a few hours so I could rest (bless her!). She said everyone looked zombie-like and rather cranky up there.

I laughed after reading this post yesterday. Indeed, I have become a serial weather app checker who dutifully reports on when the cool change will strike. I also religiously follow Beth on instagram. She lives down south and always, without fail, updates us on when the mist rolls in and the temp drops.

Thank goodness for social media in hot summers like these.

As I lay on my bed at 4am this morning attempting to get back to sleep (it didn’t work), I felt incredibly grateful that I’m going to be most pregnant in autumn/winter. Whenever I’m fed up or frustrated at the weather I keep reminding myself of this fact and gratitude washes over me.

Indeed, gratitude is a powerful antidote to anxiety. Last week I shared this and I’ve read it a few times since and it continues to resonate.

Despite the heat and restless sleep and one particularly demanding toddler (the third really does like to put his foot down!), I’m feeling rather content with life at the moment. I went to the hospital for the first time yesterday and booked in with my midwife and all of a sudden this pregnancy feels very, very real.

I’m decluttering with a vengeance and it feel so good (I’m selling pre-loved clothes¬†+ kids stuff too over here if you’re interested) and for someone who loves school holidays I must admit, I’m looking forward to the routine of the school week.

And how about you? Sweltering through this persistent summer? Decluttering? Looking forward to the start of the school term?

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  • Kathy

    One piece of advice I can offer you is to get a wet washer and put it around the back of your neck and all your kids and hubby too……..seriously this does cool you down and I have even one on going to bed because our low was 24 degrees at 3.00 am….it’s just crazy. But walking around the house with a wet washer does the trick (or hand towel) even with fans you need this.

  • Ronnie

    Over here, we are: 1) moving Rick’s study up to church 2) setting up a new study room for the big boys 3) moving the four big boys into my old studio 4) moving my studio into one of the smaller bedrooms. It is chaos city right now, but I’m excited to get it all done. Lots of decluttering and re-organising along the way, of course, which I do love a tad too much.

    Thinking of you and your precious bub. I’ve done third trimesters four times in summers and was only able to survive because I was blessed with air conditioning.

    Still adore reading your posts here, Jodi.

    Ronnie xo

  • Bex

    I’m32 weeks and freezing in the U.K. We left Sydney at the end of June after 14 years in Australia. We miss it so much but we are not missing the heat and I’m grateful I’m having a winter third trimester! I really feel for you – it’s so hard for anyone to sleep in that heat. Hope the cool change hits soon!

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