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An unintentional hiatus was just what I needed and so I return here with renewed perspective and a rested body and mind.

And yes, it’s all new! I tried not to be too precious about the redesign – I didn’t want to get too caught up in every.little.detail but it turns out that I’m a stickler for specific fonts and dots and formats. My priorities were simple: make sure the search capabilities were great and categorise every post. With over 1200 posts created over the past eight years, there was a lot of content in the archives that needed to be rifled through. Over the past few months I’ve done just that – and subsequently taken a trip down memory lane – so now you can search the blog via specific categories, sub-categories or the search bar. There are still a few posts from 2008-2012 that need tweaking so if you stumble upon one that has a few formatting errors know that I’m working on it.

It feels good to refresh this space – a perfectly timed virtual spring clean. Have a browse – I hope you like it! And thanks for sticking around after all these years.

I was recently interviewed by Child Mags about my work and blogging so it seems apt to share these words with you here:

“While I may curate a space that’s calm and inviting, I try really hard to ensure it’s not all picture perfect. I love to share beautiful photos, but my words are honest and when I find things challenging or sad or difficult, I always write about them. I don’t have an ethos behind my blog. I don’t write editorial calendars or create lists of to dos. It is what it is, dependent very much on my mood and available time. If I have something to write about I share it and, if not, I’ll step away for a few days. My only intention is authenticity.”

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  • Jane @ Shady Baker

    I love your new blog look Jodi…but your words are always so wise too x

  • Lisa

    Lovely refresh. Very tidy.

  • Bethany

    The new design is absolutely lovely, Jodi. Your space is always such a treat, and I’m with you about keeping the organic nature in blogging. No matter how I try to keep an editorial calendar, it always manages to allude me. There’s something honest about writing for the day. xx

  • Susanna V

    Such a beautiful design that does justice to the work presented here. Congratulations!

  • Kathy

    Love the clean fresh look and searching the little picture boxes. Regards Kathy

  • Ronnie

    I adore the redesign, Jodi. The fonts are just perfect! 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  • Megan Price

    hi Jodi! Your new blog layout was quite a surprise and it looks lovely…I can see it opening up a lot more potential for how people use your site 🙂 I really enjoyed this blog post, and particularly loved the last paragraph. I’m just coming up to a year on my own blog and it’s good to know that I’m not the only one without an ‘editorial calendar’ or even a concrete tight plan for when and what I should write. I like blogging for my own creativity so it’s very much a ‘three posts one week’ maybe only one post the next blog…which isn’t deemed proper by many but suits me just fine! Megan xx

  • Barbara

    I love the new style here! I am taking a little break from blogging too…I need to re-think about priorities, family, free time and how to organize some “me” time… I think is a normal phase from a mother, right?!

  • Sarah @ Say Little Hen

    I think your new look is gorgeous and I’ve just spent the last half and hour digging around in your posts – it’s a lot easier to get deeper into the blog now.

    I don’t have an editorial calendar either, or anything near one. I’m just not that organised!
    Sarah x

  • Fine

    I really love the new look! Very clean, structured, really really nice!
    If you are interested in technical feedback, it takes really long for the posts to load (this one above took almost twenty seconds, which feels really long). I use Mozilla Firefox and Windows on my notebook, don’t know if that has something to do with it? And: I cannot subscribe any longer with my browser – do you have a web or news feed that my browser just cannot detect? And the only thing I miss from your old design is the possibility to click on “Newer post”/”Older post” – but again, maybe I am missing it? I don’t say that expecting you to take it all in or change anything you don’t want to change, just thought I would let you know …

  • Kate

    Blog looks great.
    As per your other reader, I can no longer subscribe. I read via feedly (with 600 others so it says) and whilst I can subscribe it no longer updates since the new look.

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