for your socks

This is, perhaps, the epitome of banal, but if a muma is going to have anything to write home about, it’s an invention that makes the hum-drum of washing that much easier.

Socks are rarely a covetable clothing item but they definitely are an essential in the smalls department. They also have a habit of going missing on a regular basis. Cue enormous frustration and the rhetorical question: “Where did that sock go?”

Enter the humble sock holder. While it doesn’t promise to find those missing socks, it does make the hanging-drying-folding process so much easier. As a bonus, it saves room on the hills hoist which is always necessary after a few days of rain.

It’s the best $3 (from Bunnings) you’ll spend all week (perhaps second to the coffee after a restless night).


Bamboo pegs
Wooden “peg people” pegs (perfect for school holiday craft)
My preferred, smells-so-good, laundry detergent

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    We have one of these and I am thinking of getting a few more! One of the best things is you can drag the whole thing off the outside line and onto a clothes rack inside to finish drying without having to un-peg all the socks 🙂

  • Emma Steendam

    Our sock/smalls holder exactly the same as this just broke it's last peg! I was holding onto it for grim death with only two pegs left as usable but now they're gone too 🙁 And husband is of the pedantic take the pegs off the line variety (which does mean our pegs last a long time) Eleanor has THE teeniest feet, very peculiar considering the size of the rest of her! She is still wearing socks we bought when she was born! True! Size 3-6 months fit her well now, at her chunky 12 month old self. This possibly explains why she still refuses to put any weight on those tootsies: "These things are SO not going to support all of THIS!" bahahaha

  • Saskia

    We use this "Earth" detergent aswell, though I don't smell anything ( I could be numb to it?! ) so I add a couple of drops of Eucylptus oil to each wash:)

  • Mentre dormono

    You are so right :sock holder is one of my best friend at Home ( 3 kids, too) and I also have a basket which I call " the basket of the single socks", for those which are still waiting to be with their "mate" again. These two practises are so helpful for me!
    Veronica X

  • Emma

    I call mine my "sock chandelier".

  • rmforde

    Boring but..I safety pin a small net laundry bag to the side of the laundry basket and put the wee socks in it then into the machine. At least then all the pairs stay together. Little things eh!

  • Margaret

    How right you are. ….Nannied for family had 4 kids in 4 years, you learn a few tricks .
    Hang kids undies by the side seam on those multi hangers helps too.
    Fold T shirts width of neck and long sleeved tops width of shoulder,then stand them up in drawers like a filing system, so much easier to find things.

  • Sara Tasker

    I used to have one of these – lost in a series of house moves, but you've inspired my to replace it. I used to hang my Smalls from it too – & I swear it made them dry more comfortable! Something about not being pulled straight on the line maybe?

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