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The hormonal rollercoaster of pregnancy is often evident on your face. Of course, there are stages where you could refer to the look as “the glow” but the reality is a little less dewy and a little more pimply.

There have been stages in all my pregnancies where skin breakouts were rife; sore, red, angry pimples a sure sign of the wild hormonal ride occurring within.

This pregnancy has been a little different, thank goodness. I still look tired (I am quite tired) but I’ve managed to keep my skin relatively blemish-free thanks to plenty of water, a good diet and a regular skin cleansing regime.

I’ve been using Lhami products for a few years now. They’re made locally by Natalie Mitchell, an aromatherapist who quite literally radiates health and wellbeing. I place my orders online and drive five minutes up the road to her house on the hill to collect my purchases; organic, natural, luscious skin and body care that works wonders.

When I fell pregnant I went straight to Nat to ask her what products I could safely use throughout the duration of my pregnancy. She uses essential oils in some of her products and having studied them for years, knows the potency of each oil. After chatting to her I steered clear of wearing any essential oils in my first trimester and only use the tiniest amount of diluted oils now. Her advice?

“Essential oils are extremely concentrated and certain oils can cause uterine contractions or adversely affect the nervous system or the liver. The safest bet is to avoid essential oils completely during the first trimester and then only use oils at a very low percentage (under 2% in a cream or carrier oil). I would never use undiluted oils or take them internally during pregnancy and always avoid sage and other strong herb oils. Interestingly, perfumes and synthetic fragrances are banned in IVF clinics as the embryos can’t survive if exposed to them (fascinating!)…your best bet is to leave the perfume and deodorant behind, too.”

Aside from angry blemishes, the number one skin concern for pregnant women is the looming threat of stretch-marks. Personally, they don’t bother me. This has a lot to do with the fact that during my first pregnancy I stretched in all manner of ways and now have the marks and the scars to prove it. I’ve grieved over them, mourned the loss of my scar-free skin and subsequently come to own them; they tell a story and will be there for life – I might as well get on with it.

That said, itchy skin that’s stretching around a growing bump (and boobs and bum and thighs) is pretty uncomfortable and the very best way to soothe it is with natural oils. I’ve been using Lhami’s Unscented Organic Body, Bath & Massage Oil every evening and it’s a lovely way to slow down and nourish before hoping into bed.

After the first trimester I started rubbing a small amount of Lavender & Chamomile Body Oil into my shoulders and neck of an evening to promote settled sleep. I find it also works if I wake in the middle of the night after what can only be described as the most bizarre hormone-induced dreams. Natalie suggests using it for sore, agitated legs and it can be used as a face oil if you’re suffering pigmentation issues. “It has the added benefit of calendula which is amazing for skin repair and preventing stretch marks.”

She recommends adopting a very simple skincare regime during pregnancy that includes regular, gentle exfoliation to keep the skin clear and smooth. For the past few months I have been cleansing with Cleansing Oil (and once the weather gets cooler, I’ll switch to Calming Cleansing Milk). My skin is very fine and sensitive so a gentle exfoliator is a necessity. I absolutely adore the Sandalwood Exfoliating Powder – it’s as soft as icing sugar and when used twice-weekly it really does help my skin glow. I moisturise with Nourishing Face Cream and if my skin is feeling particularly dry or sensitive I’ll mix in some Argan & Rose Face Oil or the Unscented Body Oil.

And deodorant that’s free of chemicals and nasties and actually works? Try the Coconut & Lime Deodorant – it’s a spray bottle so it’s incredibly easy to apply and yes, it works a treat (even in the heat and humidity!).

Lhami has regular generous promotions and this week, if you spend over $50, you can choose a free gift (either Cucumber Eye Gel or Signature Essential Oil Blend in a wooden box). This post contains affiliate links which, when purchased, earn me a small commission. 

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  • Leah

    Jodi do you have any recommendations for a natural fragrance company that I can use during pregnancy? I can’t stand any perfumes when pregnant but would still like to wear a “scent” as such xx

    • Jodi

      Why don’t you contact Nat from Lhami? She does make perfumes from essential oils and I’m sure she could make something suitable for pregnancy for you x

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