summer done right

I’ve spent the last few weeks meandering through school holidays.

You know what I mean; making my way from the kitchen to the laundry to the washing line to the beach to the supermarket.

We haven’t been on any grand adventures or even ventured far from home. These holidays have been simple (some of us may even choose to describe them as “boring”). Of course, there’s been time spent with friends, swim school intensives, a movie session, a market visit, library books borrowed and muffins baked.

But most of all there’s been afternoons whiled away in the backyard with the mozzie bites and bruised shins and screaming fights to prove it.

When I start to think that we should be doing more – more memorable, sparkling, exciting things – I come back to what’s important and sustainable for all of us. And this summer, it’s been a slow and steady rhythm that’s taken us from morning to night.

Daniel has only just gone back to work after having a month off so this week we’ll readjust while preparing the big kids to go back to school next Tuesday. I have to be really disciplined with bedtimes over the next few days because I currently have the big kids going to bed late and waking up at 8:30am – not exactly ideal for school mornings.

And of course, behind the scenes, there is all the preparation for our adventure which is so big and consuming that we’re still trying to muddle our way through. One question inevitably leads to ten more and we still don’t have an appropriate car or a caravan.

But, last week we sold our old car to a family who had just returned from an extended holiday…travelling Australia in a caravan with four kids. What are the chances?! When Daniel told me I held my hands up and declared it a sign from the universe. He resisted such enthusiasm but agreed that yes, it was a rather lovely coincidence.

And so for now, we’re doing what we can. Clearing out the garage and the wardrobes and culling until we’re left with the necessities (which is still too much stuff).

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  • Meg

    Hi Jodi
    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the summer days. We too opted for a slow rhythm (around working full time!) and it has been wonderful. Minimal “catch-ups” with friends and family, and long hours spent on creative projects at home. So good for the soul.
    Can’t wait to hear more as your trip planning progresses!

  • Liz (Eight Acres)

    Sounds like a wonderful summer 🙂

  • kate

    Oh, I don’t envy you the downsizing. I am planning the same over this whole year with a plan to move into a two bedroom apartment from our four-bedroom family home. I’ve given myself a whole year though. I couldn’t imagine doing it any faster than that.

    As for going slow. I am with you. I’ve kept pretty close to home this summer, with beach trips and little sojourns out to the farther reaches of the coast to potter and explore.

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