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Everyone’s wondering the same thing: where on earth is this year going? In the next few days the calendar flips over to spring and we venture into a new month and a new season with renewed energy and expectation. But let’s not get carried away. Afterall, it’s only Monday night and we’re still getting used to the new week.

It’s times like this, when I need to slow down and reassess, that I take stock (thanks to Pip for the list). Currently, I’m:

Making : plans for a thorough spring clean.
Cooking : spaghetti bolognese (because it’s Monday night and some habits are too good to change).
Drinking : fermented ginger beer from Nurtured Earth.
Reading: The Secret History. It’s been on my must-read list for years and I’m reaching for it at every opportunity.
Looking: for a new wallet but can’t find one that’s quite right.
Deciding: on what to cook for the coming week.
Wishing: and hoping that a much talked about holiday will come to fruition.
Enjoying: breastfeeding Percy in the late afternoon, a lull before the dinner-bath-bed routine of evening.
Waiting: for the neighbour’s cherry blossom tree to bloom (any day now).
Liking: productive mornings at the library.
Loving: Percy’s dance moves.
Pondering: the cost of living – it’s particularly expensive of late.
Listening: to children squealing as they jump on the bed.
Considering: switching from plastic to glass.
Buying: food – so much food.
Watching: the flame of jam jar candles on the now deserted dinner table.
Hoping: to steal another hour or two before Percy’s cries call me to bed.
Marvelling: at Poet’s persistence; it really is quite something.
Cringing: at the shrieks of squabbling children.
Needing: to wrap myself in wool once the sun sets.
Smelling: warm, spring air.
Wearing: these and looking forward to wearing this.
Following: boyandmoon
Noticing: how relaxed I am after reading, even if it’s only a few pages.
Knowing: that books are good for the soul and my lifespan, apparently.
Thinking: about what to read next. Suggestions?
Admiring: life…because I’m learning to look past the chaos and mess and see the good.
Getting: a grip on how to juggle work and motherhood without succumbing to stress.
Bookmarking: mother, writer, monster, maid
Coveting: quiet moments, a daily coffee, new season avocadoes and roadside freesias.
Disliking: the enormous pile of dishes waiting to be washed.
Opening: too many bills.
Feeling: like a cup of tea.
Hearing: whimpers of a dreaming baby.
Mixing: almond meal with oranges
Slicing: banana bread.
Forgetting: so many things. My mind is a sieve.
Embracing: a nightly skincare routine and it really is working wonders.

And you?
What are you:
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  • Victoria Vilches

    This is my favourite thing to write up, I haven’t done it in ages but its perfect right now since we just arrived home from our holiday to northern queensland.

  • Emma

    I wanted to do this last time I saw you lay out this list. Such a great concept. Here goes…
    Making : my bed each morning as I slacked off for awhile but I really do notice the difference when I start the morning with a made bed
    Cooking: spicy rice salad
    Drinking : my home brewed kombucha, first batch and I’m thrilled with it!
    Reading: The Complete Buddhism for Mothers in hopes it helps ground me more throughout the day
    Looking: for answers on where to live
    Deciding: how to rearrange the furniture to flow more for both us and the kids
    Wishing: we lived somewhere greener with more space to just be in nature
    Enjoying: the sun on my back as I hang out early morning washing
    Waiting: for my coffee to brew
    Liking: all the new recipes I’ve been trying
    Loving: watching my two kids grow their bond as siblings
    Pondering: whether we will fulfil our dream of homeschooling
    Listening: birds chirping, my toddlers breathing as he falls asleep for his nap and my patient daughters crayon scrawling across pages as she waits for me
    Considering: options for what to do on Father’s Day
    Buying: hopefully some beeswax wraps
    Watching: the trees sway outside
    Hoping: to drink my coffee hot
    Marvelling: at how many times I can be asked a question in the space of a minute
    Cringing: at my behaviour yesterday with the kids, my fault not theirs at all
    Needing: to get an early night
    Smelling: the ‘perfume’ of essential oils I mixed for myself this morning
    Wearing: a pop of colour today to celebrate spring
    Following: my cycle and the lunar cycle
    Noticing: how much a business idea is playing on my mind
    Knowing: that I have strength and power within me still yet to be tapped into
    Thinking: about how to tap into that!
    Admiring: seeds, we’ve been germinating them and it’s amazing seeing life spring from a tiny seed
    Getting: more aware of my inner world
    Bookmarking: way too many things, I need to just stop and read them before adding more
    Coveting: a move to the country
    Disliking: my brains inability to switch off lately
    Opening: windows as the weather warms up
    Feeling: content
    Hearing: water being sprayed somewhere, I need to go investigate!
    Mixing: homemade multipurpose cleaner
    Slicing: chocolate slice
    Forgetting: “so many things. My mind is a sieve.” Same here
    Embracing: flow and trying to let go of how I think this should go

  • Barbara Taylor

    Beautifully posted as always. May I suggest you try reading When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi. Not only is it artfully written but it helps put the world into perspective. Happy Spring!

  • Alexandra

    This is such a great exercise! I do it every now and then since I read it for the first time on your blog.
    So now I’m…
    Reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    Noticing: the autumn coming
    Needing: to reset and refresh. Get in balance again
    Feeling: the last sun of summer
    Planning: a life change

  • Margaret

    Bee eco wraps are made by a young couple in the Sunshine coast hinterland if you buy directly from them they are postage free.

    I have 2 sets and they are a great product.

  • Reannon

    The Light Betwern Oceans in amazing. Big Little Lies is fabulous. Past the Shallows is a book is never normally read but loved.
    If your on Goodreads I’m over there with all my books 🙂

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