Daylesford has always been on my “one day” list so when we were given the opportunity to stay at Acorn House, we packed our bags and hit the highway.

We drove into town about three o’clock; just as the sun hit the autumnal trees. The road was lined in gold and ochre and I exclaimed from the drivers seat that we most definitely chose the best time of year to visit. “The leaves! The light!”

The kids weren’t all that fussed by the leaves and the light but I didn’t let their disinterest deter me. In fact, it only encouraged me to point out the beauty of the landscape for the remainder of our stay.

Acorn House is a five minute drive from the centre of town and sits on an acre of land. The four bedroom cottage sleeps 12 and is simple and comfortable, spacious and homely. Indeed, it’s the ideal accomodation for a few families who want a country getaway a short drive from Melbourne. 

I appreciated that it wasn’t a precious or overly-styled home; I could totally relax in knowing that the kids could be kids while we were there. They spent the mornings playing in the kids bedroom; the sun streaming through and warming the space as they read, did school work and drew. 

There’s plenty of space to relax and commune at Acorn House. Separate from the main house is the Tin Shed; a studio space with lounges, a fireplace, TV and board games. Adjacent is an outdoor dining space featuring a firepit, dining table, BBQ, festoon lighting and a piano – it begs for you to gather around a fire in the afternoon and drink, feast and chat till nightfall.

Set on a quiet street surrounded by acreages, Acorn House is named after the giant acorn tree that grows on the side of the property. The gardens are rambling and beautiful and there’s plenty of space for the kids to go wild, including a hill that’s fun to climb up and run down, arms akimbo. At dawn and dusk there’s an abundance of kangaroos and birdlife – it’s a nature escape close to one of Victoria’s most quaint towns aka The Spa Capital of Australia (there really is one on every corner, just about).

We wandered around Daylesford which was idyllic in a small, country-town-with-artsy-flair kind of way: unique boutiques (including the wonderfully curated @manteaunoir), a lovingly attended public vegetable garden, countless cafes and some well-stocked op-shops. My suggestions? Head to Cliffy’s for an unforgettable cafe experience (phone ahead to book a window seat, if you can) and buy the local Yandoit honey (it’s the best I’ve ever tasted). For the curious, you must visit Mill Markets – a huge warehouse brimming (literally brimming) with antiques and vintage. There is everything you could possible want here…good luck trying to find it, though (we were looking for a stovetop kettle which was a bit of a needle/haystack situation).

Of course, a trip to Daylesford isn’t complete without a stroll around Lake Daylesford. It’s really beautiful – and big! – and my only advice is to watch out for the geese near the park (they’re nasty!).

Acorn House is ideal for a relaxed country getaway peppered with day spa visits, good coffee and a little boutique/market perusing.

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