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Late pregnancy is so different this time ’round.

We’re in the thick of winter, heading towards the end of school holidays and I’m attempting to nest and spruce and tidy. And yet doing this with three kids circling is ridiculous. Only a heavily pregnant nesting-like-mad woman would attempt it.

And yet I continue to wash clothes and tidy toys and pack and re-pack the hospital bag because these are the things that make me feel content right now.

On Sunday Daniel and I headed to the hospital for a midwife appointment and she confirmed what I already knew…baby has dropped and is resting in my pelvis; nudging, burrowing and preparing. Except for a moment there, my midwife was a teeny, tiny bit unsure about whether all the nudging was a head or a bottom. Cue the OB with his mobile scanner and phew – it really is a head down there.

All this happened in the very same birthing suite where I delivered Che and Percy. It felt like the baby was telling me that all was ok – it’s in the perfect position, the placenta is out of the way and is still surrounded by lots of fluid. And as the picture came up on the screen both Daniel and I became enamoured with its little face…and all of a sudden we realised – there really is a baby coming! And soon! So soon!

Life is so busy with three kids that when you’re preparing to welcome the fourth you don’t tend to while away the days dreaming and nesting. It’s more of a frantic get-things-done-quick scenario which is peppered with extreme exhaustion and all the general day-to-day things.

Thankfully those things are getting done. Come Friday there will be a 7-seater car in the driveway and on Monday the kids head back to school before we prepare to celebrate Poet’s birthday on Wednesday (I’ve promised to bake 20 cupcakes for her class to share…we’ll see how that eventuates).

In the meantime, I’ve been finishing off the blanket, my mum knitted the baby a little wrap cardi to wear home from hospital (squee), I’ve been doing a little bit of online shopping in this sale section (love their denim range, swimsuits and PJs!) and dreaming about this Wind in the Willows collection (oh my!).

Pumpkin soup, banana bread and gold kiwi fruits are being consumed regularly (there’s nutritional balance there, I’m sure) and every night I go to bed and wonder…when will this baby come?

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  • kate

    Oh golly. Good luck. That wee little knit is adorable and will be even more so with a wee little human in it.

  • Wendy

    All the best Jodi thinking of you xox

  • Megan

    All the best Jodi! I absolutely love your style of photography, it evokes a sense of calm for me ~ your blog is like an online meditation space for me 🙂 I love the beautiful knits you have for baby! Megan x

  • Jessica

    That picture of Percy is just beautiful, the lighting, his smile. And what an amazing knitter your mom is. That cardi is beautiful. Best of luck as you prepare for birth.

  • Lynette

    Thinking of you at this exhausting but exciting time.
    Hope all goes well.
    Much Love Lynette xxx

  • brenda

    wishing all the wonders that come with a newborn. Enjoy your winter babe x

  • Lisa

    If baby interferes with the cupcake plan, send in a big bag of mini Chupa Chups. 🙂
    Hope all goes well.

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